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Start Game

Starting With Ran Online
1. After Clicking the Ran Online shortcut on your desktop, the e-Games Launcher will appear. Please read the e-Games Terms of Service. Check the [I Agree] box and click the [Continue] button to proceed.
2. After you click the [Continue] button, you will be forwarded to the Log-In panel where you will be required to provide your Login Name and Password to the e-Games Log-In form. Please take note that the password is case-sensitive.
3. The system will automatically look for new updates every time you patch the client. When the game patch procedure is done, the [Start] button will appear. Please select the [Start] button to start the game.
4. The game will start loading. When the game loads it will switch into the server list menu.
5. After selecting the specific server to connect to and Game Channel you like, press the [Connect] button to enter the game.
6. The only difference between the different channels in the same server is the gaming environment. All the information on characters and tools in the different channels under the same server remains the same.
Create New Character
1. Select the [New Character] button from the [Character Card] located at the bottom left of the Characters Settings screen to begin creating your new character. You will be forwarded to the New Character Creation screen.
One account is entitled to create a maximum of two (2) characters only.
2. At the bottom right corner of “Create New Character” menu, select the campus (Sacred Gate, Mystic Peak, or Phoenix), Society, Face Structure, and Hairstyle of your new character, along with your character’s name.
3. After selecting all the features of your desired character, click the “Create” button. You will be prompted by a message indicating that you have successfully created a new character. Please click the “Confirm” button to proceed to the game.
NOTE: The character’s name should be unique. Once it has been deleted from the server it will not be available again.
Select your desired character, and click on the [Start] button at the bottom right corner to enter the game and start playing RAN Online.
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