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November 27 – Patch notes (v1004 to v1010)

Hello RANatics,

Here are the patch notes for tomorrow’s maintenance:

Download Links

Level Up FTP: http://goo.gl/HMWzH
e-Games FTP: http://goo.gl/qbPfY
Torrent: http://goo.gl/U8jN5

Password will be posted on our FB page, website and forums tomorrow. Stay tuned!

School Wars – Modified School Wars attribution reward score:
Modified when user draw or lose, user will recieve attribution score from 10 to 0

Old Version: 1.2.12222.1301
New Version: 1.3.12304.1733

Game controls:
User can’t pick up item (Spacebar) when Board or Bike is activated

New Server Selection and New Character Selection Screen

OLD User Interface ( OLD Patch 1004 )

New User Interface ( NEW Patch 1010 )

Repurchasing Items (Buy back)
You can now buy back all items that you sold in the NPC. But when you buy it back, the price of the item/armor will be doubled. When player quits the game the items will not be available in the buy back item. You can’t buy back your items once you logged out of the game.

New Pets – Coming Soon!






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