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RE: Event Shop

Greetings RANatics,

Your RAN Team humbly asks for an apology regarding the delay of the awarding and processing of your Event Shop items. Due to the recent changes within our systems, we had to deal with the flaws we encountered to assure that all prizes will be awarded without any problems. We would like to ask for a little more buff of patience while waiting for your Event Shop items.

Do know that we are aware of all un-awarded prizes as of this moment and we would be awarding all of these at the earliest possible time. We are also asking for your help so that we can hasten up the process. You can do so by filing a ticket at our Helpdesk and post your Ticket ID at our Event Shop Follow Ups thread. It is with coordination and team effort that we can surpass and accomplish this.

We thank you guys for your unwavering support which made RAN Online number one, if not,  one of the top-ranking MMOs for this year. Without you, we wouldn’t be here today and RAN Online would not make it this far.

Please stay tuned for further announcements here at the website and/or forums.

         RAN Team

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